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The Birth of a Daily Planner

The Birth of a Daily Planner

(p.54) Chapter Two The Birth of a Daily Planner
The Accidental Diarist
Molly McCarthy
University of Chicago Press

This chapter discusses Robert Aitken's book Complete Annual Account Book and Calendar for the Pocket or Desk for 1773 which was published in 1772. The book contained the same planetary charts and astronomical elements that can be found in an almanac, but it also sported spare pages for entering receipts, payments of money, or daily memoranda. Those spare pages could be used to record one's whereabouts for the day. This feature is what preformatted the diary section, as it allows users to view time in a new way—the linear presentation of the days enables users to anticipate and make plans ahead of time. This innovation by Aitken gave birth to what would become known as the diary.

Keywords:   diary, Robert Aitken, planning, almanac, planetary charts, astronomical elements, receipts, payments, memoranda

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