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The Almanac as Daily Diary

The Almanac as Daily Diary

(p.11) Chapter One The Almanac as Daily Diary
The Accidental Diarist
Molly McCarthy
University of Chicago Press

This chapter discusses how the almanac served as both precursor and instigator of the daily planner. It argues that the daily planner would never become one without help from the almanac. As America's first best seller, the almanac had a significant impact on the way early Americans viewed time and money. Form the customers' perspective; the almanac accustomed them not only to a particular sense of time and its passage, but also to a habit of recording that appeared as matter of fact and abbreviated yet was full of meaning. For the printers and booksellers, the almanac gave a reliable source of income year after year, even during bad economic times.

Keywords:   almanac, daily planner, recording, sense of time, early Americans

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