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The Internet and Job Search

The Internet and Job Search

(p.67) 2 The Internet and Job Search
Studies of Labor Market Intermediation
Betsey Stevenson
University of Chicago Press

Economists have speculated on how new technology would change the labor market with the proliferation of the dot-coms and the skyrocketing the Internet use at home. Job posting boards are one of the clearest ways in which the Internet has increased information about available jobs; these boards are a small part of the Internet's impact on employment information. While there is little evidence that the unemployed have experienced shorter unemployment durations as a result, the Internet's ability to reduce the cost of on-the-job search may have changed the likelihood that a worker ends up unemployed. Employees who are better calibrated about their outside options are not only more likely to change employers, but they are in a better position to negotiate with their current employer. Thus, future research should consider whether the Internet is affecting wage compression within occupations.

Keywords:   labor market, dot-coms, Internet, job posting boards, unemployment, wage compensation

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