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Ramon Muntaner: Ruler, Knight, and Chronicler

Ramon Muntaner: Ruler, Knight, and Chronicler

(p.71) 4 Ramon Muntaner: Ruler, Knight, and Chronicler
Authoring the Past
University of Chicago Press

This chapter describes the chronicle of Ramon Muntaner (Crònica), which focused on the history of the Crown of Aragon from the conception of King James I (1207) to the coronation of King Alfonse the Benign in Zaragoza (1328). The interest in this chronicle was primarily due to the intensity of the life and the multifaceted personality of its author, who served his beloved kings of Aragon as knight, ruler, and chronicler. Muntaner's devotion to his sovereigns influenced the narrative. In addition, his patriotism and devotion to the royal house rested on the center of the Crònica. The portrait of Muntaner that emerges from his text shows a complex man: a loyal patriot, a brave knight, a wise administrator, and a learned chronicler. His chronicle was the last chivalric medieval Catalan historical text.

Keywords:   chronicle, Ramon Muntaner, Crònica, Crown of Aragon, knight, ruler, chronicler, patriotism

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