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(p.221) Conclusion
Authoring the Past
University of Chicago Press

This book has reviewed the history of medieval Catalan historiography, its development, consolidation, and maturity. The chroniclers employed both evidence and invention to develop official versions of the stories they tell to attain specific political and cultural purposes. There was a clear difference between early genealogical texts and typical narrative chronicles, and even between these chronicles. Political interest produced literary transformation, reflected in both the form and the content of historical texts. The different forms of representing the past reflected the ways cultures justify, legitimize, or rationalize their present. It is noted that “writing history” was synonymous with “making history,” and providing accounts of the past also projects into the future. The integrated approach to historiography, authorship, and politics that has been deployed in this book has attempted to reveal the current possible meanings of the stories.

Keywords:   medieval Catalan historiography, chroniclers, genealogical texts, narrative chronicles, authorship, politics

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