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(p.1) Introduction
Authoring the Past
University of Chicago Press

This book addresses the golden age of historiography as the period from the mid-twelfth to the end of the fourteenth century, while the rise of fiction occurred from the mid-fourteenth to the fifteenth century, distinguishing historical from fictional texts. In the Catalan chronicles' prologues, history defined itself as a discourse distinguished by its commitment to historical fact. The book also explores the evolution of historical genres, the practice of autobiography in the Middle Ages, questions of authority and authorship, the relationship between history and fiction, and the links between history and politics as reflected in the historical texts. It engages the theoretical and practical questions associated with the production, consolidation, and spread of historical texts. The Introduction provides an overview of the chapters that follow.

Keywords:   historiography, fiction, Catalan chronicles, autobiography, Middle Ages, authority, authorship, politics

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