International Financial MarketsThe Challenge of Globalization

International Financial MarketsThe Challenge of Globalization

Leonardo Auernheimer

Print publication date: 2013

ISBN: 9780226032146

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


As the globalization of financial markets continues, we urgently need to understand the crises that have plagued these markets and the policies best suited to preventing such crises in the future. In this book, a group of economists and policymakers blend conceptual analysis and policy discussion in seven integrated papers, analyzing the nature of capital flows, alternative exchange-rate regimes, and the roles of international financial institutions. After a guided tour by the editor and a historical exploration, theorists and policy analysts examine the benefits and pitfalls of capital movements and controls. In the second portion, papers examine the recent experiences of Argentina and Mexico. The volume concludes with a roundtable discussion of the report of the International Financial Institutions Advisory Commission, in which the chair of the commission both comments on the report and responds to questions about it.