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Realigning Performance Evaluation

Realigning Performance Evaluation

(p.105) Chapter Six Realigning Performance Evaluation
Bringing in the Future
William Ascher
University of Chicago Press

This chapter describes the performance evaluation that can address (or exacerbate) the obstacles to farsightedness. The obvious challenge to addressing the issue of knowing whether performance is farsighted is that the consequences are not yet definitely known. In practice, performance evaluation tends to reward shortsighted actions, or, equally important, is believed to reward shortsighted actions by those who are being evaluated. For the performance of a government regime as a whole, the more useful considerations would focus on the soundness of human resource policies as well as the magnitudes of participation and investments. The pitfalls of performance evaluation are described. These pitfalls can be lessened by making the evaluation process fair and useful to all parties. The interactions between evaluators and those being evaluated can be of crucial importance, both for judging the farsightedness of performance to date and for signaling long-term values and goals.

Keywords:   performance evaluation, farsightedness, shortsighted actions, government, investments

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