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Dimensions of Communicating Farsighted Appeals

Dimensions of Communicating Farsighted Appeals

(p.189) Chapter Ten Dimensions of Communicating Farsighted Appeals
Bringing in the Future
William Ascher
University of Chicago Press

This chapter presents a discussion of the design dimensions of communicating farsighted proposals. From the perspective of promoting farsighted decisions, successful framing would paint shortsighted proposals in a negative light, and farsighted proposals in a positive light. Framing the more distant future can be embellished by highlighting benefits for future generations, to appeal to the conscience of the public and policy makers. The Club of Rome example stresses the importance of the medium to the credibility of the source. The maximum sustainable yield (MSY) doctrine is an excellent example of a simple conservation concept translated into a seemingly simple and compelling doctrine or formula. Certain framings of any issue can be objectionable insofar as they diminish the dignity of those who are misled and their opportunity to make life-enhancing decisions.

Keywords:   design dimensions, farsighted proposals, framing, Club of Rome, maximum sustainable yield, policy makers

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