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* Pan-Tropical Perspectives on Forest Resurgence

* Pan-Tropical Perspectives on Forest Resurgence

(p.84) 7 * Pan-Tropical Perspectives on Forest Resurgence
The Social Lives of Forests
Alan Grainger
University of Chicago Press

Deforestation and forest degradation have so dominated the discourses about forest trend that the evidence for natural forest regeneration has been limited by the fact that no one thought to collect it. Though international forest statistics have been compiled on the assumption of continuing deforestation, in the first decade of the twenty-first century, the need for empirical study of forest resurgence has been recognized. This chapter informs our understanding of positive tropical forest change processes, including afforestation, reforestation, and agroforestry systems, by placing these changes within seven wider perspectives. It looks in turn at forest classification, scholarship, theory, institutions, measurement, evidence and policy, and concludes that the natural reforestation is probably happening on a considerable scale and deserves proper measurement.

Keywords:   Forest recovery, Reforestation, forest classification, monitoring, forest policy, forest institutions

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