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* Forest Resources, City Services

* Forest Resources, City Services

Globalization, Household Networks, and Urbanization in the Amazon Estuary

(p.348) 27 * Forest Resources, City Services
The Social Lives of Forests
Eduardo S. BrondizioAndrea D. SiqueiraNathan Yogt
University of Chicago Press

One of the remarkable sides of the fast and intense transformation of the Amazon in recent decades has been the coupled process of urbanization and forest resurgence taking place in the Amazon estuary. This chapter provides an analysis of the region's forest-based economy of relevance to rural and urban residents, and the emergence of new forms of household and social networks linking rural and urban spaces in the Amazon estuary. These analyses benefit from long-term ethnographic work in the Amazon estuary, particularly the municipality of Ponta de Pedras (Pará State), primary and secondary remote sensing of forest change, archival and census data from 1950 to 2000, and recent household surveys among seven rural communities (264 households and 2,168 individuals) and three urban areas (100 urban households and 1,063 individuals). The article concludes by reflecting on the implications of these processes to the understanding of forests, livelihoods, and urbanization in the Amazon.

Keywords:   Amazonia, Urbanization, Ethnography, Social networks, Forest resurgence, Pará State, Remote sensing

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