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“Citoyen” versus “Bourgeois”?

“Citoyen” versus “Bourgeois”?

The Quest for the “Spirit of the Whole”

(p.121) 4 “Citoyen” versus “Bourgeois”?
The Actual and the Rational
Jean-François Kervégan, Daniela Ginsburg, Martin Shuster
University of Chicago Press

From Rousseau's opposition of "bourgeois" and "citoyen", this chapter interprets the transformations of Hegel's own conception of the relation between citizenship and private existence as an awareness of the insurmountable specificity of the modern world. Henceforth, the requirements of citizenship do not run counter to the interests of the private men: they are based on them.

Keywords:   citizenship, bourgeois, Roussseau, Kant, modernity

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