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The Frugivory Mutualism

The Frugivory Mutualism

(p.335) 8 The Frugivory Mutualism
The Ornaments of Life
Theodore H. FlemingW. John Kress
University of Chicago Press

This chapter discusses the concepts of convergence and complementarity as they apply to fruit-producing plants and frugivorous animals. It begins with an overview of Neotropical bats and the fruits they consume. It then examines the evolution and adaptation of fruits and their vertebrate consumers. The fruit-frugivore mutualism is pervasive in tropical and subtropical habitats around the world. There is considerable evidence on both the plant and animal side of this mutualism that it has had a profound impact on the evolution of specific traits found in fruits and frugivores.

Keywords:   convergence, complementarity, fruit-producing plants, frugivorous animals, Neotropical bats, evolution

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