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The Scope of This Book

The Scope of This Book

(p.1) 1 The Scope of This Book
The Ornaments of Life
Theodore H. FlemingW. John Kress
University of Chicago Press

This chapter describes the organization and structure of the book. The first section examines regional and local species diversity patterns as well as patterns of resource availability and the functional (ecological) relationships between plant-visiting birds and mammals and their food plants. The second section examines the impact of plant-visiting vertebrates on speciation rates of their food plants and the effect of food plants on speciation rates of vertebrate nectar and fruit eaters. The third section synthesizes the ecological and evolutionary consequences of these mutualisms and discusses their conservation implications. The chapter also provides a brief taxonomic overview of vertebrate pollinator and frugivore mutualisms, and discusses the basic features of pollination and seed dispersal mutualisms.

Keywords:   species diversity, resource availability, plant-visiting birds, mammals, food plants, speciation rates, mutualisms, pollination, pollinators

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