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Beyond Heidegger: False Trails and Re-readings

Beyond Heidegger: False Trails and Re-readings

(p.225) Six Beyond Heidegger: False Trails and Re-readings
Deep Rhetoric
James Crosswhite
University of Chicago Press

This chapter shows the essential weaknesses in the Heideggerian project, making the encounter with Heidegger also a critique of him and his work. His radical isolation of Dasein in its individual authenticity neglects the sociality of authenticity. His diminishment of logos throughout is also an exaggeration that obscures the inevitable need for logos in all transcendence. Heidegger’s attempt to move beyond the limitations of his accomplishments of the 1920s and the Dasein-analysis project and to think being directly exposes him to the charge of irrationalism. His failures, however, are instructive and capable of giving direction because they map the misleading trails one faces on this difficult philosophical ground. Heidegger’s errors are indicative of the dangers any philosophical project will encounter on this terrain. If a deep rhetoric is a rapprochement with, as well as a rejoinder to, philosophy, it will have to test its capability in negotiating these same dangers.

Keywords:   individual authenticity, sociality, Heideggerian project, Dasein, logos, transcendence

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