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What Is Deep Rhetoric? II

What Is Deep Rhetoric? II

(p.64) Two What Is Deep Rhetoric? II
Deep Rhetoric
James Crosswhite
University of Chicago Press

The previous chapter presented a distinction between two kinds of rhetoric—rhetoric as a specific art or discipline that treats communication in specific, limited contexts, and rhetoric as a more philosophical endeavor that is concerned with logos itself in all of its dimensions and uses. This chapter is primarily concerned with the latter kind, which is more like the deep rhetoric this book is trying to define. It begins by addressing the question of ideology directly, and connecting the project of a deep rhetoric with the history of philosophical rhetoric in the twentieth century, especially after the Second World War. Tracing the historical development of deep rhetoric will help in giving further definition to the idea, explaining the practical significance of deep rhetoric, and clarifying the nature and the value of rhetoric as a discipline—as a field of teaching and research.

Keywords:   rhetoric, communication, philosophical endeavor, logos, ideology, philosophical rhetoric

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