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What Is Deep Rhetoric?

What Is Deep Rhetoric?

(p.16) One What Is Deep Rhetoric?
Deep Rhetoric
James Crosswhite
University of Chicago Press

This chapter addresses the question of deep rhetoric by explaining what ordinary rhetoric is and then describing the difference between deep rhetoric and ordinary rhetoric. In the last few centuries, rhetoric has been relegated to little more than a derogatory term that implies a manipulative and dishonest use of language, a use of language that tries to trick or coerce people into believing something that they would not believe on the basis of the evidence alone. This notion is far from much of what has been written about rhetoric throughout history and drastically out of line with the idea of rhetoric developed in this book. Rhetoric is a form of human transcendence, a way we open ourselves to the influence of what is beyond ourselves and become receptive, a way we learn and change. Rhetoric is also a way the world and others become open to us, open to our giving and our participation.

Keywords:   deep rhetoric, ordinary rhetoric, evidence, language, human transcendence

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