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(p.1) Introduction
Deep Rhetoric
James Crosswhite
University of Chicago Press

This book addresses the conflict between philosophy and rhetoric, but is not a direct attempt to resolve the controversies as they have traditionally been formulated. The aim, rather, is to engage in a reconceptualizing of rhetoric in a way that develops its deeper philosophical dimensions. The chapters in this book inevitably go back and forth across deep rhetoric, a philosophical theory of rhetoric, and rhetorical theory. One movement of the work is to pursue rhetorical theory in order to discover, explore, and activate its neglected philosophical background. Another movement is to pursue deep rhetoric for the purpose of preparing for more philosophically informed rhetorical theory. Rather than attempting to construct a new rhetorical theory, the book attempts to paint a new rhetorical imaginary—a background against which we can do our thinking about rhetoric and rhetorical theory.

Keywords:   philosophy, rhetoric, reconceptualizing, deep rhetoric, philosophical theory, rhetorical theory

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