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Content to Look at My Watch

Content to Look at My Watch

The End of the Public Clock Era

(p.171) Epilogue Content to Look at My Watch
Marking Modern Times
Alexis McCrossen
University of Chicago Press

This chapter explores the end of the public clock era and the rise of electronic timekeeping. With the prevalence of electronic devices, mechanical timekeeping started to decline. With the flexible applications granted by electronics, a new method of timekeeping was established: the countdown timer. In the 1950s, this was used to time the launch sequences of rockets and to usher in the start of the New Year. The development of the atomic clock meant that time interpretation was no longer exclusive to astronomers. With the arrival of more accurate measurements of time, authority over it ceased to be a question, but the synchronicity of time still remained to be explored by experts worldwide.

Keywords:   public clock era, time, timekeeping, atomic clock, countdown timer

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