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Macroecological Patterns in Insect Body Size

Macroecological Patterns in Insect Body Size

(p.13) Chapter One Macroecological Patterns in Insect Body Size
Animal Body Size
Kevin J. GastonSteven L. Chown
University of Chicago Press

This chapter provides an overview of the current understanding of the form of macroecological patterns in insect body size, with particular emphasis on global patterns, patterns through time, and patterns through space. There is evidence for a rich spatial and temporal structuring and variation in insect body sizes. However, many of the generalizations that can be made remain based on empirical investigations of a relatively narrow range of species, often drawn from a small number of higher taxa. The most significant question, then, is whether the patterns and mechanisms are expected to vary substantially between higher taxa and/or between species.

Keywords:   insects, body, global patterns, macroecological patterns, spatial structuring, temporal variation

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