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Bridging Disciplines and Reimagining “Who We Are”

Bridging Disciplines and Reimagining “Who We Are”

(p.65) Two Bridging Disciplines and Reimagining “Who We Are”
When Peace Is Not Enough
Atalia Omer
University of Chicago Press

This chapter highlights the importance of bridging gaps among the various disciplines and fields of peace research, religious studies, and political theory. This multidisciplinary approach enriches the theory and practice of conflict transformation as a process that involves reimagining the boundaries of “who we are.” The chapter discusses the interrelated concepts of conflict transformation and peacebuilding in peace studies, the utility and limitations of normative political theory⁉s conceptions of political justice, and the conceptual insights of religious studies.

Keywords:   peace research, religious studies, political theory, conflict transformation, peacebuilding, political justice

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