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Spreading Wings

Spreading Wings

(p.165) 5 Spreading Wings
American Egyptologist
Jeffrey Abt
University of Chicago Press

In 1907, due to physical exhaustion from his second Nubian expedition, James Henry Breasted came down with bronchial pneumonia and moved with his family to Italy after the University of Chicago extended his leave of absence. While there, he completed a report on the second Nubian expedition and a condensed version of History of Egypt, which was published in late 1908 as A History of the Ancient Egyptians. Breasted and his family returned to Chicago in fall 1908, and he immersed himself in teaching and committee work. As full professor, his title expanded beyond Egyptology to include “Oriental History.” In 1911, Breasted was appointed chair of the Department of Oriental Languages and Literatures, and also received an invitation from the Union Theological Seminary in New York to deliver a series of eight lectures on topics related to Egyptology, the Bible, or the history of Israel. He furthermore collaborated with James Harvey Robinson on the first volume of Outlines of European History. Another book, Ancient Times, was released in August 1916.

Keywords:   history of egypt, James Henry Breasted, italy, university of chicago, egyptology, union theological seminary, bible, james harvey robinson, european history, ancient times

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