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Equipment for a Great Work

Equipment for a Great Work

(p.1) 1 Equipment for a Great Work
American Egyptologist
Jeffrey Abt
University of Chicago Press

James Henry Breasted, the third of Charles and Harriet Breasted's four children, was an active and inquisitive youngster who grew up fishing and camping. As a child, he developed a passion for books and became a voracious reader. One of the books that Breasted read in his youth was his father's copy of Austen Henry Layard's 1859 Discoveries in the Ruins of Nineveh and Babylon. In 1882–1883 he enrolled at the Chicago College of Pharmacy and worked part-time as a pharmacy clerk. About four years later, Breasted enrolled at the Chicago Theological Seminary. One of his seminary professors was Samuel Ives Curtiss, a staunch advocate of Hebrew studies in America. Breasted had been fascinated with Egyptology and decided to enroll at the University of Berlin in Germany. In April 1894 he went back to the United States after he had been elected to an “Assistantship” in Egyptology at Chicago University. After the university appointed him as emissary in search of teaching materials, Breasted traveled to Egypt with his wife, Frances Hart.

Keywords:   pharmacy, James Henry Breasted, chicago theological seminary, egyptology, university of berlin, chicago university, egypt, samuel ives curtiss, hebrew studies, america

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